‘Predators and Hidey-Holes Are Good for Reef Fish Populations’

Here are some short press releases on my latest first author paper; here and here (second thesis chapter, done and check).

Conducted along the eastern shoreline of Great Abaco Island, The Bahamas, I used nearshore, patch reef communities to examine the separate and interactive effects of predators and habitat complexity on reef fish community assemblage. We found that predators present and high reef complexity had an additive, positive effect on total fish abundance: fish abundance increased by ~250% and 300%, compared to predators absent and low complexity reef treatments, respectively. Our data suggest that both fisheries management of large-bodied piscivores and reef habitat restoration are critical to the management and conservation of reef ecosystem functions and services.

This photo demonstrates the stark contrast in fish abundance between two reef treatments, no predator presence, low reef complexity (left) and predator presence, high reef complexity (right)