Sharks4Kids Webinar | Power of Predators | March 30

I will be presenting a short talk followed by Q&A March 30th, 2020 in Sharks4Kids Webinar series where kids, parents, and anyone else who joins can learn about current shark research and ask shark scientists about their research and career. Or maybe you are just curious what the smallest shark is – that’s a great question too!

If you would like to join any of the webinars, HERE is a link, and HERE is a link specifically for my webinar presentation March 30th 10 AM EST.

Setting out bait (yes that is an entire fish on a foot long hook) for a monitored, drum line shark survey.

Teaser | Groupers, barracudas, and sharks, oh my! Predator species can be found in every ecosystem on land or in the sea. Over the past few decades, ecological research has focused on how important the presence of predators can be for their environment. Not only do predators such as sharks help keep their prey’s population healthy and balanced through consuming individuals, but their mere presence can alter the behavior of other animals around them. In this webinar, I will be speaking about the role of predators in marine ecosystems, from a blue crab crawling in a salt marsh, to a shark cruising over a coral reef.