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* Student mentored; Note 2017 name change from S. Buhler to E. Hensel

Hensel, E., Allgeier, J. A., and C. A. Layman. 2019. Effects of predator presence and habitat complexity on reef fish communities in The Bahamas. Marine Biology 166 (10): 136.

Hensel, E., Wenclawski, S.*, and C. A. Layman. 2018. Using a small, consumer-grade drone to identify and count marine megafauna in shallow habitats. Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research. 46(5).

Allgeier, J. A., Layman, C. A., Montana, C. G., Hensel, E., Appaldo, R., and A. D. Rosemond. 2018. Anthropogenic versus fish – derived nutrient effects on seagrass community structure and function. Ecology. 99(8): 1792 – 1801.

Archer, S. K., Hensel, E., and C. A. Layman. 2018. Ambient nutrient availability drives the outcome of an interaction between a sponge (Halichondria melanadocia) and a seagrass (Thalassia testudinum). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 503: 86 – 91.

Layman, C. A., Giery, S. T., Buhler, S., Rossi, R., Penland, T., Henson, M. N., Bogdanoff, A. K., Cove, M. V., Irizarry, A. D., Schalke, C. M., and S. K. Archer. 2015. A primer on the history of food web ecology: Fundamental contributions of fourteen researchers. Food Webs 4:14 – 24.

Soomdat, N. N., Griffin, J. N., McCoy, M. W., Hensel, M. J. S., Buhler, S., Chejanovski, Z., and B. R. Silliman. 2014. Independent and combined effects of multiple predators across ontogeny of a keystone grazer. Oikos. 123 (9), 1081 – 1090.

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